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Our Story

What would you do if you saw kids picking through trash to find food… while flies swarmed around them and while the overwhelming stench went seemingly unnoticed by them? What would you do if you watched mothers lead their children to dirty puddles to drink water? Surely some of those children would get sick or maybe even die from that. If you walked through the largest slum in the world or witnessed hundreds of children with no mother or father, what would you do? Poverty, hunger, dirty water, lack of sanitation, lack of education, basic needs going unmet all around you, what would you do?

After several trips to India and Africa, we just could not turn a blind eye. We were compelled to action. This, along with a background of educational and ministry training and long-formed, trusted national relationships, led us to begin The Hope Venture in 2009. Founded in Lincoln, NE, The Hope Venture exists to bring hope and healing to some of the world’s most impoverished. To date we have helped thousands of people find hope. Check out our projects and join us in helping lives find hope!

A dirty boy looking off in the distance.

Our Purpose

The Hope Venture exists to bring help and hope to people around the world. Through trusted partnerships, The Hope Venture engages primarily in compassion-based projects emphasizing better education, health, clothing and shelter for children, orphans and the needy poor, for the honor of Christ.

Changing Lives

Sapna's Story

Sapna is from a family that has never been educated. She lives among trash and flies. But a few years ago she attended school for the first time with us. She began to get help, hope and love. Now she is in 8th grade and loves school so much she wants to become a teacher! We are so grateful to be a part of Sapna’s journey!

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